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Fall Dates: Thursdays, August 10 - September 28 (8 weeks)

Groups , Times and Fees:

Mini-Whackers 4:30-5 pm $50

Aces/Smashers 5-6 pm      $80

Champs 6-7 pm                   $80


Mini-Whackers: ages 5-7 – A fun filled atmosphere for beginners. Emphasis on hand-eye coordination and basic fundamentals of the game and lots of fun!

Smashers and Aces: ages 7-11 – Beginners with little or no previous experience. Emphasis on fundamentals and basic principles of stroke production as well as learning to hit ball back and forth through games.

Champs: ages 11 & up – Beginners and intermediate players with some previous experience. Emphasis on stroke production, proper technique and match play strategy.

*Age restrictions are recommendations; children are permitted to register for a different age group if deemed best by the parent or coach.  ILFSTC members only.