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2022 Summer Dates: June 6th - July 15th (6 Weeks)

(All classes will be on Mon/Wed/Fri | No classes on Monday July 4th)

Mini-Whackers (Ages 5-6)
Mon/Wed/Fri 9:15-9:45am Fee $125
Aces - (Ages 7-11)
Mon/Wed/Fri 8:15-9:15am Fee $200
Champs (Ages 12 & Up)
Mon/Wed/Fri 9:45-10:45am Fee $200
Smashers - (Ages 7-11) Fee $200
Mon/Wed/Fri 10:45-11:45am


Mini-Whackers: ages 5-6 – A fun filled atmosphere for beginners. Emphasis on hand-eye coordination and basic fundamentals of the game and lots of fun!

Smashers and Aces: ages 7-11 – Both are for beginners with little or no previous experience. Emphasis on fundamentals and basic principles of stroke production as well as learning to hit ball back and forth through games.

Champs: ages 12 & up – Beginners and intermediate players with some previous experience. Emphasis on stroke production, proper technique and match play strategy.

High School: ages 13 & up: Experienced players who are able to control their strokes, serve and keep score. Emphasis on advanced drills, match play strategy singles and doubles. Geared for USTA and high school players. (If Interested please contact Danny)

*Age restrictions are recommendations; children are permitted to register for a different age group if deemed best by the parent or coach.  ILFSTC Members only.