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ILFSTC has a bond capacity of 320 units.  If you are interested in purchasing a bond you may do so directly through the club for a one time fee of $350 or by purchasing from a member whom is selling theirs. Dues are additional and are to be paid annually in order to remain in good standing.  There is a $35 transfer fee for bonds purchased via private sale.

Members are permitted to sell their bond, as long as it is in good standing. The club has no involvement with the private sale of bonds, including setting prices, or prorating dues that have already been paid.  To see if your bond qualifies for resale, please email our Membership Chair, Casey Lamarr.  If you are considering purchasing a bond from a member, you are encouraged to contact the Membership Chair to confirm eligibility.  Dues must be paid yearly - either by the member selling the bond or the new member purchasing the bond.


The bond wait list is on a first come, first serve basis.  If you'd like to be added to the list, please email our Membership Chair, Casey Lamarr.  When the board is notified that a current member is interested in selling, they are put in touch with the next person on the wait list.

Click here for the New Member Registration Form

Click here for the Membership Booklet


Membership dues are to be paid annually and run from May 1st to April 30th. Dues paid in full on or before April 15th will receive 5 FREE guests passes! Dues paid after May 31st will be charged a 10% ($70.00/$42.50) late payment fee and loss of facility usage until paid.

Family Membership - $700 (includes taxes)
(Defined as a family living in one household)

Single Membership - $425 ​(includes taxes)
(Defined as anyone over the age of 18 yrs of age)


Pay Online:

MemberSplash Login Page <-- Click Here to Login to your profile and pay online
Square charges a 2.9% fee which is figured into the online costs

Mail your payment to:

Indian Lake Forest Swim and Tennis Club
Attn: Robin Teal
PO Box 581
Hendersonville, TN 37077